Adama industrial park generates 7.7m USD in revenues throughout the fiscal year.

July 5, 2021

Adama Industrial Park was inaugurated in October 2018 by the Ethiopian Prime Minister, setting ambitious objectives about what the industrial park can contribute to the country.

The Adama Industrial Park is built on 100 hectares of project command area. Costing 146 million USD, It’s expected to create job opportunities for 25,000 citizens of the nation.

The industrial park is just a piece of the Ethiopian government’s grand plan to transform the country’s largely agrarian economy into an industrialized one by 2025. PM Abiy Ahmed told the inauguration ceremony, “The inauguration of the Adama Industrial Park is crucial to meeting the industrialization needs of Ethiopia and fulfilling the employment and human resources development of our higher education graduates”

The location of the park is strategically placed between the 756km Ethiopia-Djibouti electrified rail line and the 99km Addis-Adama toll expressway. Ensuring the industrial park be a successful addition to the country’s manufacturing ambitions.

The industrial park has generated 7.7 million USD in the current fiscal year by engaging in the production of high-quality textiles and export products up to six times a year.

The park, according to the Deputy Executive Manager Gulilat Abebe, is equipped with modern sheds erected by the government and private firms and is primarily utilized by the textile and garment industries. The government built 19 sheds at the park, while private industrial businesses built the rest.

Antex Textile Manufacturing, one of the park’s tenants, is the largest employer with 5,000 employees. Mr. Gulilat also mentioned that new infrastructure is being built and that the park’s sewage center is approaching completion. Currently, the park employs 7,000 people.

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