Winning cup scores 90.6 at 2021 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence cupped by national & international juries.

July 12, 2021

Tamiru Tadesse Tesema of the Bensa zone in the Sidama area won the 2021 Ethiopia Cup of Excellence (CoE) with an Anaerobic processed coffee worth $364,674 with a score of 90.6. “The coffee that we cultivate in our region is of excellent quality. I wanted to promote it, so I entered the competition; I’m grateful for the chance, and I’m pleased to have received the Presidential Award. It is the highest recognition for our efforts,” Tesema says. On July 3, 2021, the Ethiopia Cup of Excellence presented five presidential award-winning coffees at an event in Addis Ababa. The five coffee lots out of the 40 finalists have achieved 90 points or more, receiving the competition’s highest award. The 30 Cup of Excellence winning coffees were auctioned off to more than 180 worldwide purchasers from 33 nations after receiving an 87-point quality score or higher. A variety of production procedures were employed throughout the Cup of Excellence Winners, including 22 Naturals, five Anaerobic, one Honey, one Anaerobic Natural, and one Washed variation. Five of the National Winners established records by scoring 87.6 points, which was more than the previous year’s 86.6. Only one coffee was rejected due to an insufficient score. The five presidential award-winning coffees were tasted by high-ranking government officials, representatives of the diplomatic community, winning farmers, and the country’s coffee industry. Coffee samples were also delivered to Global Coffe Centers (GCCs) throughout the world, including those in the United States, Japan, and Australia. Shinji Sekine, Managing Director of Wataru & Co in Japan, states, “We were extremely delighted to conduct the cupping of the CoE world stage as a GCC for the original coffee growing country, Ethiopia.” Cup of Excellence Ethiopia Sale Organizer said that the coffee auction brought in a total of the US $1.8 million, a new record for the competition.

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