Free access to all secondary school course resources in Ethiopia has been granted and implemented by the Minister of Mistry of Education.

July 29, 2021

The Ministry of Education in Ethiopia had begun projects to improve and introduce technology as a means to alleviate chronic problems faced in the educational sector. The online learning platform was developed to alleviate the problem of people with disabilities and problems of reaching schools. All Secondary Schools’ Courses’ Resources in Ethiopia go online, Free Access to all. This is a mandatory step in the nation’s strive towards digitalizing the Education, Agricultura, and other major pillars to the country’s digitalization initiative coined by PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed. With nearly 1 Million Biometric Digital IDs issued, The Education sector is quickly becoming the one entity with massive digital deployment in the country. This is going to be the nation’s centralized official resource hub for a standardized online education platform with a potential target market of 26 million+ students across the nation. Even though the addressing of the issue of limited internet is yet to be seen, the nation has been making steady progress towards applying digitalization methods to its former manually operated analogue assets within the country.

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