SITA and Ethiopian Airlines partner to enhance the passenger experience with SITA Smart Path self-service & smarter checking in.

August 2, 2021

SITA is a worldwide information technology company that specializes in IT and telecommunications for the aviation industry. Bole International Airport is undergoing a digital transformation, with the newly implemented SITA’s technology. Ethiopian Airlines passengers will benefit from SITA’s self-service check-in kiosks and Smart Path Drop & Fly baggage drop technology, which have been deployed at the airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Those traveling with Ethiopian Airlines will be able to check-in at a self-serve SITA Kiosk or via the Ethiopian Airlines app before arriving at the airport under the new method. They can next go to the luggage drop, which is also self-service. That means passengers will not have to stand in line or contact an agent to finish that portion of their journey. The technology has been deployed at a new check-in area at Bole. During the COVID-19 epidemic, self-service technology has grown in popularity since it reduces physical interaction between customers and airport personnel and makes it easier to maintain social distance at the facility. The kiosks and baggage-drop technology at Bole will pave the way for further digital technologies, with SITA predicting that the airport would eventually be equipped with biometric scanning capabilities. In recent months, SITA has given self-service solutions to a number of airports. “This deployment marks a significant milestone in Africa’s air transport industry evolution,” said SITA Middle East and Africa President Hani El-Assaad. It demonstrates that airports and airlines are prepared to embrace automated and intelligent airport technologies in order to assure long-term prosperity, and it builds the foundation for a smarter, touchless future of air travel.”

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