A platform to connect startups with investors named “Yegara” was launched.

August 18, 2021

Ethiopia’s FDRE Jobs Creation Commission, in collaboration with Mastercard Foundation & Piazza Communication, has created “Yegara.org”, a nationwide curated platform that connects startups with financiers. This achievement is in line with the Plan of Action for Job Creation, which calls for reforming the business ecosystem in order to create thriving, growth-oriented businesses within Ethiopia. The Mastercard Foundation-funded project will build the groundwork for the evolution of angel investing, bringing together all ecosystem participants to assist innovative young entrepreneurs. One of the ways the FDRE Jobs Creation Commission is supporting private sector development is by identifying and co-implementing alternative, dynamic funding arrangements. It will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, collaborators, and innovators in order to strengthen the startup ecosystem and proactively contribute to closing the vital funding access issue within the country. Payment is not required to register on the platform. Entrepreneurs may easily register their firms on www.yegara.org by filling out the required information. Following that, companies will be confirmed after submitting the required papers in accordance with the verification that was obtained, the process also works for investors.

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