Coffee export generated 115.4 million dollars in the first month of the new 2021/22 fiscal year.

August 19, 2021

Ethiopian Coffee & Tea Authority reported, the government planned to export 21,339.80 tons of coffee to the foreign market during the Fiscal Year’s first 30-day period, which began on July 8. Sahlemariam Gebremedhin, the Authority’s Public Relations and Communication Director, stated that the Authority planned to export a total of 22,487.08 tons of coffee, tea, and spices in July to earn approximately 73.38 million USD. However, it exported over 31,939.10 tons of goods totaling over 116.63 million dollars. It implies the Authority has increased the value of coffee exported by 142 percent and revenue earned by 159 percent. With more than 22.86 million birr worth of coffee sold to Germany in the month, the European nation accounted for 20% of Ethiopian coffee exports. In the same 30-day period, the United States and Belgium were the second and third most important destinations for Ethiopian coffee. According to the Authority, more than $17.8 million worth of coffee was shipped to the United States (15%), while Belgium imported close to $12.3 million worth of Ethiopian coffee (11%).

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