Ethiopia’s E-Visa Service Resumed.

September 1, 2021

Ever since June 18, 2021, Ethiopian Immigration has suspended the issuing of visas on arrival and the distribution of E-Visas to all travelers. The service has now been resumed and travelers from all countries around the world can quickly complete the online application form to obtain their e-Visas. The Ethiopian Immigration Office has announced that the e-visa service has been reinstated, and you can now apply for a visa to Ethiopia online. Visa applications are typically handled within 24 hours, while they might take up to three (3) days in rare circumstances. The e-Visa is emailed to the applicant once it has been granted. People living abroad can either get a Tourist or Business Visas. The tourist visa, which is an electronic single-entry visa for people who desire to visit the country solely for tourism or other non-business purposes. A subsidiary of the Business Visa, The investment visa issued to foreign nationals who are engaged in investment activities can also be issued to potential investors who wish to come and invest in Ethiopia.

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