Array to Distribute Haile Gerima’s ‘Sankofa’ on Netflix.

September 20, 2021

“Sankofa” a film produced by the famous Ethiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima and co-produced by his wife Shirikiana Gerima, will be re-released by Array Releasing on Netflix on September 24. Sankofa was based on a Black American woman who finds herself transported back in time and into the body of a Ghanaian woman being kidnapped into the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Haile Gerima’s “Sankofa” was first released in 1993. It was nominated for the top prize in the 43rd Berlin International Film Festival in February 1993. Gerima and his wife were left to distribute the movie themselves to black communities in the USA after the US distributors decided to impart from the film. The president of Array Releasing, Tilane Jones said “Mr. and Mrs. Gerima are trailblazers of independent filmmaking and grassroots distribution in the Black cinematic diaspora and we are honored and proud to have been selected by the Gerimas to introduce their landmark film to new audiences with a remastered re-release of the masterpiece.” Array Releasing made a contract with Haile Gerima to restore “Sankofa” and the Netflix release will mark the first time the film will have been this widely available. The movie was produced by Negod Gwad Production. in co-production with The Ghana National Commission on Culture DiProCi of Burkina Faso and NDR/WDR Television in Association.

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