The African Union Commission declared 2021 as the Year of Art, Culture & Heritage, a series of Pan-African events, called “Africa Celebrates”, has been packaged to celebrate mother Africa. The events are scheduled to run b/n Oct 15 – 22 at The Club Addis and the African Union Headquarters in Ethiopia.

October 1, 2021

2021 has been designated as the Year of Art, Culture, and Heritage by The African Union Commission, and to commemorate this, a series of Pan-African events called “Africa Celebrates” has been organized. The business fora is scheduled to run on Oct 15-22 at The Club Addis and the African Union Headquarters. This is going to be a celebration of an eight-day festival that will highlight Africa’s prowess in music, fashion, dance, cuisine, arts, and crafts. The Commission’s goals and objectives include: celebrating Africa’s diversity in unity; attracting global attention and patronage to Africa’s rich cultural heritage, which can be used as a catalyst for the continent’s creative arts’ social and economic growth; promoting Intra/inter African trade and tourism; and encourage patronizing ‘made in Africa’ by eating African food. According to reports, all 55 African Union member nations will take part in a variety of events, promoting Africa’s food, music, and dance. Between October 20 and 22, three days of events will be held at the AU headquarters, commencing with the staging of the “Africa Celebrates” gala fashion event. The Africa Fashion Reception (AFR), a Pan-African project, will have its fifth edition feature 30 of Africa’s best fashion designers from 30 nations. Two business fora, the African Business Acceleration Forum and the Africa Fashion Business Summit will be held as part of Africa Celebrates. Legendary Gold Limited of Nigeria is organizing Africa Celebrates in conjunction with the African Union Commission, Pristine Marketing Group, and The Club Addis Ababa.

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