SxNet to deploy a network of kiosks across the country. They will provide access to clean energy & access to lighting, power to charge phones.

October 7, 2021

The Smart OpenX Network (SXNet) Initiative, a Smart Green Distribution Network of Digital Services dedicated to rural areas and related to all elements of the Ethiopian Economy, is being piloted by BelCash Group & Partners. The program is backed by Ethiopia’s Jobs Creation Commission (JCC). SXNet will deliver 15,000 Solar smart kiosks across rural Ethiopia in the next 2-3 years, connecting more than 10 million farmers to the internet and supporting 45,000 jobs. The Network will provide renewable energy for lighting, phone charging, information access, mobile banking, eCommerce, eHealth, and eLearning, among other services. One of the central pieces of the SXNet is the Smart Payment Kiosk (SPK) is an autonomous mobile smart Kiosk designed in collaboration with ARED, a Rwanda-based company, which has proven itself by initiating the Backbone of a Smart Digital Network for the African continent.

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