Ethio agriculture embarks on the largest edible oil factory.

October 25, 2021

With plans to meet both domestic and foreign edible-oil demands Ethio Agri-CEFT, a Midroc Investment Group member, has announced plans to construct the country’s largest edible oil processing plant in Addis Ababa holding an initial investment of $1 billion. Ethio Agri-CEFT is involved in oilseed cultivation, which is something that most of the country’s edible oil enterprises lack. It has been exporting raw oilseeds, bringing in approximately ETB 15 billion per year from agricultural commodities exports. Local industries have the installed capacity to produce 3.4 million liters of edible oil per day, which is much higher than the daily need of 2.5 million liters. Ethiopia, on the other hand, spends about a billion dollars each year on edible oil imports. Domestic oilseed raw material is required by oil manufacturers at a rate of 6.5 million quintals per year, whereas crude oil production requires 1.2 million tons of crude oil per year. Currently, there is over 10.4 million liters of monthly supply gap. In five years, the government plans to replace edible oil imports. However, the short-term objective is to cease importing finished palm oil and instead import crude palm oil, which will be processed domestically.

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