Ethiopian Airlines partners with Aero HygenX for deployment of autonomous UV-C disinfecting solution

October 26, 2021

Ethiopian Airlines and Aero HygenX executives signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) defining a strategy for the deployment of RAY, an autonomous UV-C light disinfecting robot, in a virtual signing event on October 12th. The signing of this MoU marks Aero HygenX’s first step into the African market, with its safe, efficient, and chemical-free solution suited for aircraft cabins and rail cars.

Aero HygenX was founded in January 2020 presenting the only completely autonomous UV-C disinfection robot, RAY to the market in March 2020. with customers in Canada, the United States, the Middle East, and even East Africa (Ethiopia). In as little as 7 minutes, RAY can disinfect a narrow-body aircraft, allowing airlines to thoroughly sterilize aircraft after each journey without the need for a crew.

RAY may also be customized for different aircraft types and includes HygenX Stream, a customisable program that records and communicates usage data wirelessly to the cloud, giving the operator with important system health monitoring and status updates. RAY is a small and light-weight autonomous robot designed for the transportation sector that employs motion sensing technology to explore cramped places (such as airline cabins) and disinfect surfaces using UV-C light swiftly, safely, and without the use of toxic chemicals.

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