Creative Of The Week – Salem’s Design

December 8, 2021

Salem’s Design, A local craft store that produces prestigious artisan designs that shout Ethiopian cultures and values. It is a store that uses beautiful designs with traditional elements to signify the cultural aspect of the country in a creative manner. They offer handmade crafts designed by senior craftsmen to capture the pioneer cultural looks of our community in their artwork. It is absolutely inspiring to see craftsmen create designs that are in demand all over the world. Salem’s Design aims for scouting people from villages all over Ethiopia to incorporate the diversity of the country in the artworks and keep its authenticity as well.

Salem’s Design produces a variety of items such as pieces of jewelry, home accessories, baskets, cushions, blankets, hand-woven rugs, pottery products and so much more. Most of the products are hand-made by senior craftsmen. Salem’s Design is not only known for its originality but also for its unique shapes and sizes of items that are not usually found at other stores. Their baskets are one of their products that come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and amazing designs. They’re not commonly found in Ethiopia.       

It always takes us by surprise when businesses react to their social responsibilities. Salem’s Design has added giving back to their community on top of their list by sending their senior craftsmen to train people living in villages of different parts of Ethiopia. This empowers people having tremendous skills limited in their village to become a part of a team working all over the country. 

We would like to appreciate Salems Designs for showing us how deep Ethiopian culture and history can go in the Art Industry. They have shown us how rewarding it is to create authentic, cultural, and impeccable designs. 

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