Spotlight Of The Week – Chapa

December 10, 2021

Chapa, A local Online Payment Gateway was used to raising funds for two major crowdfunding platforms; the GERD project and Eyezon. Eyezon is a gift-based crowdfunding platform, created by the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, that enables nonprofit organizations to raise money online from supporters with the causes they are passionate about. In just three weeks, Chapa has been able to raise $2,000,000 on this platform for Eyezon Ethiopia Project. It was labeled as one of the major accomplishments that Chapa had in the past month. 

As part of their 2025 vision, Chapa Financial Technologies seems to be on the right track in connecting Ethiopia to the global economy. It is one of their goals to empower the financial sector by supporting 100,000 entrepreneurs and businesses in the coming 3 years. As part of their journey, Chapa has been impactful in supporting internally displaced people through National Disaster Risk Management Commission on the Eyezon Ethiopia Project. As of today, there have been over $3,000,000 donations, 66% of the $5,000,000 target set by the campaign.

Having extensive knowledge in business and technology, it is not surprising to see Chapa evolve in both sectors and have a unique perspective to empower not only the youth but the community in general in different sectors of the country. Eyezon Ethiopia’s aim highly fulfills Chapa’s social responsibility to support NGOs in projects that need immediate attention from the Ethiopian community all around the world. 

It is expected for businesses and enterprises to question the procedures of the payment system in order to incorporate it into their system. Chapa has provided us with a secure interface that keeps your transactions and financial details private. It is one of the few fintech companies to provide us with worldwide payment solutions in Ethiopia. If you are Tech Savvy curious enough to know how it works, Chapa has simplified documentation available to support you in your development journey. The payment gateway is ready to be integrated by anyone out there for both crowdfunding and other purposes. Chapa gives the whole white-label product experience.

We believe that Fintech Companies should be able to track their vision and become practical as Chapa, to stand out and empower the community as they have in the last 10 months. We highly appreciate their accomplishment and call on our community to support them in making their vision a reality.

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