British-Ghanaian entrepreneur who builds earbuds that can auto-translate 40 languages.

December 13, 2021

British-Ghanaian engineer and tech entrepreneur Danny Manu developed real-time translation earbuds called Click to auto-translate 40 languages. It is the world’s 1st auto-translator earbuds and is anticipated to close the language gap that hinders communication in everyday life.

Danny studied at Oxford Brookes University with a mission to improve lives. His invention went viral and was recently acknowledged for his contributions to science, arts, and culture by Google. Click immediately detects the spoken language, provides a translation, and doesn’t require the internet to work. It also allows users to read texts, notifications easily and can call from their devices. Click is said to be the world’s first truly wireless earphones with live voice translation. The device works by pairing to a smartphone using Bluetooth. It has gained recognition and customers throughout Europe, the USA, and Asia.

Danny’s journey has been challenging, but his resilience and belief in his dream helped him succeed. He used his savings to finance his business and explored other means to raise over 5 million USD. Entrepreneurs who are ambitious and resilient enough like Danny should explore the tech world. As Danny said, “Focus on your successes and believe in yourself.” He continued to say, “if you surround yourself with your accomplishments and don’t stop believing in your dreams, you’ll have a real chance.”

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