African Business magazine recognized CBE as the top profitable bank in East Africa with 24% Return On Investment.

December 14, 2021

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has been among the top 100 African banks for over a decade. According to the Statista November data, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia was the largest bank in East Africa in terms of assets as of 2021. It has nearly 24 billion USD in assets and is now the lead in the regional ranking. Kenya’s Equity Bank Group came with almost 10 billion USD in second place.

However, Kenya’s Equity Bank replaced CBE as the highest ranking in terms of capital partly because of the quicker depreciation of the Ethiopian birr more than the Kenyan shilling against the USD. CBE loans given to the private sector reached 100 billion ETB resulting in a 170% increase from 2020 and an incredible 730% increase from 2015. The largest receiver of loans from CBE is the private sector, with 2.5 times as many loans received as the public sector.

Most loans went to international & domestic trade, followed by agriculture & industry sectors. Although, in 2021, the public sector share suffered a 64% drop to 40 billion ETB from 110 billion in 2020.

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