Veezaviz, a Kenyan company, develops assistive technology for the hearing impaired called Echonoma.

December 14, 2021

It is essential to communicate to convey your thoughts and emotions to each other. This is relatively simple for the hearing community, especially compared to the hearing-impaired way of communication. Similar to several countries worldwide, most people in Kenya do not know how to interpret and communicate in sign language, adding to the separation felt by those with hearing impairment.

Veezaviz is a company that develops leading-edge technology-based solutions consisting of AI power and Machine Learning to tackle communication difficulties for the deaf. Intending to simplify communication between the hearing community and the hearing impaired, CEO Elly Savatia and CTO Lumona Mulengwa, along with their team, developed Echonoma to ease communication.

Echonoma is an assistive technology that aims to break the communication barrier between the deaf and hearing community. Elly Savatia and Lumona Mulengwa stated that Echonoma could be used for accessible communication, especially for confidential information such as in hospitals, banks, and passwords, so a deaf person doesn’t have to depend on a 3rd party to relay their sensitive data. It uses a camera to scan & translate Kenyan sign language into English text & also converts audio to text.

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