Electric motorcycles in Rwanda receive increasing popularity.

December 15, 2021

Rwanda Electric Motors Limited produces electric motorcycles to drive fuel emissions down. The Rwandan government and the UNDP finance the conversion policy of fuel motors to electric vehicles.

The plan is to covert 30% of motorcycles, 20% of buses & 25% of mini and microbuses to electric by 2030. Rwanda Electric Motors Limited CEO, Donald Kabanda, states that around 200 new electric bikes and 80 modified bikes have been produced.

Users are delighted with the change as the vehicles are more manageable and save money. It costs 900 Rwandan francs for one battery that can cover 60 km, while it costs 1000 Rwandan francs for 1 liter of petrol that can cover only 35 km. In a country where the roads are filled with vehicles that run on fuel, electric vehicles contribute to a more environmentally friendly country.

However, the disadvantage is that electric vehicles don’t cover much distance due to the lack of a charging station.

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