According to the 2021 City Water Optimization Index, Addis Ababa has one of the best quality tap water.

December 16, 2021

The capability of delivering quality water to a city’s residents does not depend on the rate of income in the city or country. Lower-income cities like Addis Ababa scored better compared to cities in developing countries and from developed countries.

Addis Ababa meets the WHO standards at almost 100% quality & has an annual GDP of below 5,000 USD along with Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and Mombasa, Kenya. The 2021 City Water Optimization Index investigates the condition of water optimization at the city level and reports this to the new City Water Optimization Index.

This helps decision-makers evaluate their implementation across different operations, regulations, and policy domains. The 2021 City Water Optimization Index stated that each city deals with various problems regarding water that are affected by geography, climate, socio-political components, and more.

This index grades 51 cities worldwide based on water availability, reliability & sustainability, and sanitation services. Addis Ababa is among the five cities from Sub-Saharan countries to be included in the assessment. The Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority plans to pilot innovative portable water testing technology.

The goal is to produce a water-testing device that is cheaper and easily transportable than the current equipment and allows quick water quality testing in remote or rugged areas.

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