AS World Tech CEO Richard Odjardo creates smartwatches & laptops that can compete with Apple.

December 16, 2021

Richard Odjardo is a 32-year-old Benin tech entrepreneur that has a tech company that produces laptops, smartwatches, and smart glasses. The smartwatch has similar basic functionalities to an Apple or Samsung smartwatch. It is water-resistant, helps monitor your heart rate, can check the temperature, and finds your lost phone. It is more appealing than the Apple and Samsung smartwatch because it is more affordable.

Richard Odjardo ventured into producing his own technology due to a few unforeseen incidents. In one incident, his phone was stolen, and he could not trace it. He then built a technology to allow anyone to search and find their lost or stolen phones. His next creation was smart sunglasses followed by an almost fatal car accident because he was distracted trying to answer a phone call. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the primary purpose of this device is to create safety while driving.

He wants Africans to have access to more affordable gadgets than the top global tech giants. He also wants to remind Africans that they can produce their own things instead of depending on foreigners. Reports state that Richard Odjardo is establishing an enterprise that is anticipated to be very profitable in the long run. He has refused offers of a few million USD from tech giants worldwide. His mission is to dissuade African’s reliance on Western technology. He wants to achieve this by creating job opportunities through entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology & simplifying Africans lives with efficient technology.

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