The South African government awards 25 contracts to the private sector for renewable energy projects.

December 18, 2021

South Africa, the continent’s most industrialized nation with 80% of its electricity provided from coal, is now investing in solar power.

Since 2007, the country has been experiencing load shedding because it hasn’t built new power plants for achieving economic growth. Because of load shedding, businesses in Soweto, South Africa’s largest township, have increased operating costs and decreased productivity & profitability.

These power outages cost the South African economy above 30 million USD a day. Due to this, the 25 projects, 12 for wind farms & 13 for photovoltaic plants, worth 2.8 billion USD, will boost electricity generation capacity to 2,583 megawatts (MW), or a 4.5% increase. The mission is to decrease the country’s dependence on coal & increase its electricity generation capacity.

With this in mind, several South African companies aim to be 100% reliant on solar energy by 2025.

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