EPSA & EPMSMA sign an MOU to increase availability & accessibility to quality medicine in Ethiopia.

December 20, 2021

Ethiopia has 12 medicine manufacturers and 38 medical supply & device manufacturers licensed by the Ethiopian Food and Drug Administration. The Ministry Of Health is dedicated to improving agencies like the Ethiopian Food and Drug Administration (EFDA) and the Pharmaceutical Supply Agency (PSA).

The strengthening of EFDA enables increased managerial supervision for the registration, importation, and quality of medicines, supplies, and equipment into the Ethiopian Market. At the same time, the improvement of PSA aims to increase efficiencies and improve the availability of commodities throughout the public sector.

The agreement signed on Friday, December 17 consists of increasing availability and accessibility to quality medicine in Ethiopia. The government aims to enable the success & expansion of the local pharmaceutical industry. The Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency and Ethiopian Pharmaceutical and Medical supplies Manufacturers Association (EPMSMA) prioritize the advancement of the manufacturing industry.

They are making strides towards the growth and strengthening of their pharmaceutical sector. Ethiopia’s Health Minister, Dr. Lia Tadesse, is confident that Ethiopia will become a pharmaceutical manufacturing hub with the help of stakeholders.

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