Kenyan Diasporas use digital solutions provided by WorldRemit to receive the full benefits of remittances.

December 20, 2021

Previously, Kenyans abroad relied only on traditional transfer services that required paperwork and physically going to banks to transfer that sometimes took hours to complete. Kenya has experienced thrilling and quick stages of development due to the combination of finance and digital technology.

Global money transfer is more accessible, safer, and reliable for the three million Kenyan Diasporas. WorldRemit, the leading international payments company that offers online money transfers sends from 50 countries to recipients in 130 countries. For those receiving money, it provides multiple choices such as bank deposit, cash collection, mobile airtime top-up, and mobile money.

Remittances are one of the primary sources of forex for Kenya, with 2.71 billion USD from Jan – Sep 2021. Global money transfer can be simple, affordable, and fast in the current digital era. Because of this, World Remit challenged officials in the remittance industry by offering a 100% digital solution for the sending side. WorldRemit is the first choice for Kenyans worldwide regarding sending money to their home country.

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