Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC announces that operations will launch in March 2022 In May 2021.

December 20, 2021

Safaricom’s move into the Ethiopian market was official. It was issued a new Telecommunications Operator License valid for a term of fifteen years from the Effective Date of July 9, 2021. “The Global Partnership for Ethiopia” was formed by the Vodacom Group, Vodafone Group, Sumitomo Corporation, and CDC Group, led by Kenya’s Safaricom.

It’s the second telecom company in Ethiopia with ‘07’ calls, similar to Ethiotelecom’s ‘09’. On Wednesday, December 15, the Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA) officials met with members from the Global Partnership for Ethiopia consortium to discuss progress updates. Vodacom Group CTO Dejan Kastelic stated that the company is concentrated on digital inclusion and financial services to boost their offers for this market.

ECA is aiding Safaricom with importing equipment, organizing stakeholder meetings, and other operational launching tasks. Safaricom has already assigned eight middle-level managers for its Ethiopia operation to gather qualified staff before the operation begins in March 2022. Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia PLC aims to improve the quality, coverage, innovation & investment in the telecommunication sector and create thousands of job opportunities.

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