Creative of the week – Teferi Assefa

December 23, 2021

Teferi Assefa is an Ethiopian musician, drummer, and percussionist who is constantly researching, learning, and teaching others to become exceptional in the music industry. Teferi blessed us with the Lasta Sound back in 2002 together with his team as the core drummer of the ultra-modern Ethiopian music arrangement fused with a bit of reggae and Afro-Cuban Flava. People loved the whole idea of Lasta Sound as it reflected ancient Ethiopian culture and civilization. Teferi was a prominent man for the Ethiopian Jazz History as he was one of the three jewels to create a sound that has captured the heart of many people until today.

Teferi was born in Ethiopia and lived some part of his life in the United States. He studied Drum & Percussion at Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music. Since he was a child, Teferi has always had an intention to find a unique sound in his environments. He would research and learn the depth of our culture and pick elements to work on specific sounds on his drum. Teferi is one of the few people in our country that is always learning and contributing his distinct voice to the music industry. His whole life revolves around music. 

Teferi is currently leading Negarit Band at Fendika Cultural Center. He is the drummer and leader of the band which performs every Friday. He is also teaching at Yared Music School. He is also a drummer and percussionist teacher at EECMY School of Music and Media. What we love about Teferi is his devoted energy to research, learn and become better every single day so that he can pass the knowledge to the new generation. We appreciate Teferi for producing authentic sounds for the world to listen to and for showing us how committed we need to be for the coming generation.

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