Ethiopia’s mining sector will build a minerals exhibition center to showcase the country’s unique resources.

December 24, 2021

Ethiopia has around 30 metallic, industrial, agro, construction minerals, and rare gemstones adored globally. Ethiopia is filled with beautiful gemstones such as opal, emerald, sapphire, amazonite, amber, ruby, agate, jasper, tourmaline, aquamarine, chrysoprase, period, and different types of quartz.

In the last five months, Ethiopia’s Minister of Mines, Takele Uma, reported that Ethiopia made $241 million from mineral exports, mainly gold. The exhibition sector will increase awareness of the kinds of riches Ethiopia has and is part of the several reform initiatives the mining sector developed to help Ethiopia earn the middle-income country status by 2030.

The goals formed by the mining sector include an increase from $265 million to $17 billion from foreign exchange made through increased import & export substitution; an increase from $400 million to $90 billion from local income earned; $160 million to $90 billion from foreign direct investing (FDI); and increase the number of quality jobs created from 200, 000 to 1.6 million in the organizations, companies, & SMEs in the sector. The mining sector is considered a significant source for creating 14 million jobs by 2025, stated by Ethiopia’s National Plan for job creation (2020 -2025).

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