African authors from across the globe are widely recognized in 2021 for their creative & inspiring literature.

December 27, 2021

In 2021, writers from different countries in Africa have received the world’s most distinguished literary honors for a series of first wins. African literature is as important as literature from all over the world and deserves equal, sincere attention and commitment. They have won several prestigious international awards and released numerous critically acclaimed books.

The authors are from Zanzibar, South Africa, Senegal, Mozambique, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and more. Among the awards, the ultimate recognition was when Zanzibar-born Abdulrazak Gurnah was named the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in literature. Other prizes include the Prix Goncourt, Hennesy Book Award, Neustadt International Prize for Literature, Daytime Emmy Award, International Booker Prize, and the Jhalak Prize. All these recognitions can lead to more opportunities for African writers to get publishers, agents, & editors, a chance to be heard and gain more mainstream attention that can encourage bookstores worldwide to include African literature in their collections.

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