Lersha is a one-stop digital platform where smallholder farmers have access to services that boost productivity

December 28, 2021

Agriculture is hoped to be the best industry sector in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government created a ten-year economic development plan (2021-2030) to put agriculture as the top priority sector. One goal is to boost smallholder farmers’ productivity and pastoralists by providing modern inputs and services.

With this in mind, Abrhame Endrias founded Lersha, established by its parent company, Called Green Agro Solutions, in 2018. Lersha is a one-stop digital platform providing smallholder farmers access to services that boost productivity. It integrates a mobile application, call center, and Lersha agents to facilitate transactions with farmers. It aims to fulfill smallholder farmers’ agricultural needs through innovation by providing access to technological farming tools. It has served more than 44,000 smallholder farmers through 88 Lersha agents, 1310 developmental agents, & 172 mechanization service providers.

It has different services like access to farm inputs, hire mechanization services, and dynamic agro-climate advice with technology & crop extension. These services allow farmers to place orders & purchase their products, get advice on the how-to & where to get products, request their goods delivered to them, hire farm machinery for less pay and have access to content verified by the Ministry of Agriculture respectfully.

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