Stiftung Solarenergie & Greene Lamp team up to provide sustainable solar power for Health Centers in Ethiopia.

December 28, 2021

Stiftung Solarenergie is a German Solar Energy Foundation active in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and the Philippines that provides solar energy to more than 600 million Africans. The international NGO Solar Energy Foundation has implemented model villages for solar lighting and built a professional school for solar energy technicians in Ethiopia.

Green Lamp is an international non-profit Community Action Agency that provides grant funds to provide local services and activities that will significantly impact the causes of poverty in the community. Some health centers located in rural areas have cases of mothers and children dying due to a lack of proper services at delivery time.

There are 240 solar suitcases installed in different parts of Ethiopia that helped maternity departments save mothers’ and children’s lives. The aim is to bring more power, a proper place to store vaccines, & charge devices for off-grid health centers. There will be yearly maintenance visits & train Health Center staff on appropriate system use to ensure efficiency and allow staff to provide patients with good service.

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