Zimbabwe launches electronic passports in partnership with a Lithuanian company, Garsu Pasaulis.

December 28, 2021

The E-Passport was launched to produce passports that meet modern international standards enabling Zimbabweans to travel without additional complications. The E-Passport consists of an electronic chip containing the holder’s name, date of birth, & other biographic information, and a biometric identifier.

The E-Passport makes it difficult and expensive to steal the data stored on the document’s encrypted digital record. The enhanced security features will protect citizens from identity theft and eradicate counterfeiting. This will aid in combating cross-border organized crimes, illegal migration and preserve the integrity of the country’s immigration system.

The sophistication of the passport is in line with Government’s vision for a modern and digitalized economy. The Zimbabwean Government aims to phase out old travel documents by 2023. Garsu Pasaulis chairperson, Mr. Emmanuel Cato, stated that the company will fully equip all chosen Zimbabwe embassies and start issuing passports by December 2022 and supply Zimbabwe with the consumables allowing for two million ID cards by December 2022. Zimbabwe’s President Mnangagwa stated that after the production of E-Passports, the next step would be to digitalize national identity cards, birth certificates, entry visas, and residence permits.

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