Addis Ababa City Roads Authority awards two Chinese companies for developing an intelligent transport system.

December 30, 2021

The two companies are Qingdao Hisense Trans Tech, which has installed intelligent transport solutions in 169 cities across China, and China Shandong International, which constructs expressways in eastern African countries. The two companies will install & manage the system to modernize the Anbessa City Bus Service Enterprise.

The Anbessa Bus has 650 buses, serving an estimated 1.2 million passengers across 125 routes every day. It dispatches its buses from five stations located in Legehar, Merkato, Piassa, Mexico, and Megenagna. The new system will change the inconvenient paper-based manual system that causes a poor scheduling system.

The agreement includes supplying hardware (cameras and communications equipment), relaying real-time information to the data center bus, passengers, and road infrastructure data is stored. The cost of creating this system is the cost of 643.8 million. The project will take two years to install and an additional six years for management and system maintenance. The system is part of a program started in 2016 to improve mobility in Addis Ababa.

The enterprise has an old and outdated fleet management system, and Addis Ababa is falling behind the increasing demand for transport services. Sometimes buses carry very few passengers while others carry beyond capacity. The modernization of Anbessa’s operations will tackle the city’s difficulty of mass transportation services.

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