Nyala Insurance S.C. (NISCO) launches a new insurance service called the Diaspora Special Assistance.

December 30, 2021

Nyala Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Ethiopia known for introducing new and innovative insurance products. It created the Diaspora Special Assistance to cover certain costs for Ethiopians and Ethiopian-born individuals permanently living.

Hospitalization, surgery, medical fees, & pharmaceutical products prescribed by the attending doctor will be covered for 90 days per trip for one year. In addition, if the insured dies in her/his country of residence, the diaspora special assistance policy will cover the cost of transportation for the mortal remains and transport close relatives to the insured country for accompanying the corpse to Ethiopia.

The insurance costs from 57 to 75 USD depending on the resident’s country and should be renewed every year. Nyala insurance will pay a maximum of 10,000 EUR (13,000 USD or 640,000 ETB) for their treatment, followed by an amount of USD 50 per individual claim request. Interested individuals can acquire insurance from Nyala Insurance agents worldwide, website, and application.

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