Rwanda signs a memorandum of understanding to hire 306 teachers from Zimbabwe.

December 30, 2021

The agreement signed on December 23, 2021, consisted of two stages focusing on the employment of Zimbabwean English and STEM teachers in Rwanda. Teachers will teach in associate nursing schools and the college of medicine and health sciences. The group includes 273 Technical & Vocational Training teachers and 33 for Teacher Training Colleges.

This deal also enables Zimbabwe to explore possibilities for employing educational experts from Rwanda. This is one of many endeavors to strengthen cooperation and partnership between the two countries.

Paul Mavima, the Public Service, labor and social welfare Minister of Zimbabwe, stated that human capital development is essential to delivering Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially to meet the aspirations of the African Free Continental Trade Area. He continued by saying that the firmly rooted mutual vision of the two countries’ leaders to explore more comprehensive cooperation in strengthening human capital development will lead to global integration.

The Rwandan and Zimbabwean governments have to form a bilateral deal to enhance the export of qualified local teachers to the emerging continent’s economic powerhouse.

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