Professor Senait Fisseha confirms that the Susan Buffet Foundation pledges 175 mil ETB to the MoH’s new project.

December 31, 2021

The agreement is the first of its kind that enables the health sector to continue providing nationwide comprehensive health care. As stated by Habtamu Demissie, Director of the Human Resource Management Directorate of the Ministry of Health, with the ratio of doctors to patients at 4.5 to 1000, one of the projects’ aims is to employ 2898 doctors.

Professor Senait Fisseha Siferma, Director of International Programs of the Sewing Foundation, mentioned that the 175 million ETB contributed by the foundation s aimed at another goal of the project to decrease maternal death by 50% by enabling health facilities to provide and strengthen essential reproductive services, including maternal health and family planning.

The 3-year project starts from 2014 EC with funds provided every year by different entities. The Federal Government and partner organizations will provide funds for the first year (the Sewing Foundation offered 175 million ETB). The federal, state, & city administrations and partner development organizations for the second and third years. For the following years, this project will be supported by all the regions.

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