Spotlight of the week – Kidist Yilma

December 31, 2021

Kidist Yilma is a groundbreaking writer, director, and producer that has brought Ethiopian culture and lifestyles to light and changed the perspectives of many. Her works are cutting-edge and haven’t been spotlighted enough. She is well-known for her humbleness and respectful nature both personally and at work. The film industry has always been challenging in Ethiopia. Kidist was one of the frontiers in facing all those challenges but never gave up on producing quality movies and productions in general.

Kidist has always touched people’s hearts through her movies. From all the movies, Lamba and Rebuni have swept people off their feet and made them cry throughout the whole movie. It is just about the story but also the locations, the actors, the settings, and the mood of the entire movie are carefully chosen to reflect exactly what she has imagined in her mind. She is the director,  producer, and one of the writers of “Eregnaye”, a prolific serial that describes the traditional culture, rural lifestyle, and values holding the best-fitted actors and right amount of emotions to radiate positive energy that the country needs right now.   

Kidist is the type of director that tries to get a scene right repeatedly until she reaches a point where it fits perfectly with the picture she has in her mind. This is exactly what she did on her recent series named “Eregnaye”. It shook the whole country and has over a million views on YouTube. It has united Ethiopians not only in the country but around the world. 

We appreciate Kidist for creating the most magnificent films that people will always remember, for being a strong, iconic woman in these challenging times, and for showing us that it is possible to make your dreams come true by sticking to the reason behind it and not the resources that come with it.

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