Morocco’s ONCF announces that Al Boraq, a high-speed train, will gradually convert to green energy.

January 4, 2022

Al Boraq is the fastest train in Africa, reaching 320 km/h operating between Casablanca and Tangier. It is the first of its kind, inaugurated in November 2018 by HM King Mohammed VI. The train converting to green energy will improve carbon footprint, equivalent to 120,000 tons of CO2 avoided each year, or four million trees planted.

The National Railways Office provides clean energy & aims to reach 50% green energy consumption by 2023. The ONCF manages its green transformation by substituting electricity consumption with clean energy for the national railway network.

The idea is to replace the electricity consumption by switching 25% of its overall energy consumption. The idea is to replace the electricity consumption of the national rail network with clean energy. The change is part of the national energy strategy led by HM King Mohammed VI to increase sharing renewable resources to make the country one of the most committed emerging countries in developing wind and solar energy.

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