Tigist Abebe, CEO of Yeabe Medical Center & Rehabilitation, will open a dialysis unit at Menelik II Referral Hospital.

January 4, 2022

Tigist Abebe, CEO and Founder of Yeabe Medical Center and Rehabilitation is implementing many activities to start dialysis service for the past four months with an investment of over 10 million ETB. There are about 30 machines delivered to increase the hospitals’ services tenfold for about 240 people per week. The 30 machines are hoped to start operation soon. Dr. Tadesse Habte-Yohannes, Menelik II Referral Hospital CEO, stated that the hospital would double the service after the dialysis unit becomes operational.

Ophthalmology is related to this and is rare in Ethiopia. It is known as Menelik Hospital’s specialty. The hospital is under construction to open a standard ophthalmology center to prevent people from traveling abroad searching for treatment. Tigist stated that Ethiopia needs much help in this regard. She extends her wishes to the diaspora community with the capacity to help.

Tigist is a diaspora who is committed to the betterment of her community. She mentioned that the Diasporas arriving this Christmas should be motivated to contribute to their country with their diverse experience.

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