Ethiopia’s largest dam project, GERD, will start phase 1 of hydroelectric power generation in a few days.

January 5, 2022

The Nile is a source of livelihood for the Ethiopian population of over 110 million people. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a hydropower dam started in 2011 that allows access to electricity for over 60 million Ethiopians and provides affordable electricity for all economic sectors.

The GERD begins producing hydroelectric power for its 1st phase in a few days. Ethiopia has made the second filling in the past rainy season. It has a primary source of water from the Abay River.

GERD is 82% completed and expected to generate 700 MW to cover 20% of Ethiopia’s demand. The remaining 38% of the construction will continue while the dam generates hydroelectric power. Once it reaches 100% completion, it will generate 6,450 megawatts of power. It was initially designed to power 5,250 megawatts but was upgraded to increase its capacity.

GERD is one of the largest dams globally & Africa’s largest in terms of electricity production. GERD benefits include attaining 90% of the sediment protecting irrigation canals and equipment from sedimentation damage, improving the dams’ efficiency & water use optimization, and reducing recurrent floods.

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