Addis Ababa’s City Administration initiates the 2nd phase of the Productive Urban Safety Net Programme (UPSNP).

January 8, 2022

The Ethiopian Government created the Urban Productive Safety Net Programme (UPSNP) as an extension of the rural Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) to address food insecurity, poverty, and vulnerability of the urban poor. The UPSNP started implementation in 2016 in 11 major urban cities of the country (Adama, Assaita, Assosa, Dessie, Gambella, Awassa, Harari, Jigjiga, and Mekelle).

It has three components called safety net support (public works and direct support schemes), livelihood services, and institutional and project management that were intended to decrease poverty in urban societies and those who are facing food insecurity.

The City Administration of Addis Ababa launches the 2nd phase of the Productive Urban Safety-Net Programme (UPSNP). Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa and the Enterprises and Industry Development Bureau of the City, Jantirar Abay stated that the 450 million USD was provided by the international leading financial institutions in the amount of 300 million USD and the remaining 150 million allocated by the government.

The programme determined recipients living in 120 Woredas in Addis Ababa under 827 cluster centers for the programme. It is expected that over 102 residents will benefit from technical and vocational education & training, solid waste management, beautification & greenery works, and integrated drainage development areas.

It aims to enhance the livelihoods of low-income families and has a budget of 450 million USD. It was executed in 11 towns at the national level, with additional 72 towns included due to its rapid progress.

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