Ethiopia’s National ID program, led by the Ministry of Peace, runs a pilot phase to register & issue digital IDs to citizens.

January 12, 2022

The Ministry of Peace of Ethiopia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Institute for Information Technology of India in June 2020 to establish a modern digital national ID for 30,000 people at the pilot level.

The Ethiopian National ID program intends to be a primary provider for digital identity in place of the Kebele ID. The digital ID needs an individuals’ name, gender, address, date of birth, demographic data, an iris image, and fingerprint biometrics to assure everyone only has one ID.

After registering, a unique number, Fayda, is provided to the applicant. This number allows receiving services that rely on identity quickly. For decades, the Kebele ID had been the accepted form of identification. With the digital ID, the program has a vision of making the new digital “Fayda” number for the ID with a phase-by-phase project.

The program aims to design and implement a centralized digital ID system for Ethiopians in the coming 4 years. Its goal is to ensure personal data protection, transform the payment ecosystem & boost financial inclusivity.

When a digital ID holder requires a service, s/he can easily confirm their identity by sharing their unique Fayda number. The central database, accessed by government and private firms, can establish evidence of the holders’ identity to allow a cost-effective and straightforward Know Your Customer method. It also allows easy tracking for taxation, healthcare, and work.

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