Nigerian Zion Ubani (Zfancy) signs an MoU with Vintage Confluence LLC, an online cryptocurrency trading platform.

January 12, 2022

Vintage Confluence LLC is a leading global organization that offers solutions to Cryptocurrency Investors who needs to sell their bulk Bitcoins in exchange for cash in Nigeria & South Africa. The company’s core mission is to provide traders with a diverse Web-based platform available with no issues or verification and provide thousands of customers with reasonable rates at the right place and time

. Zion Ubani or Zfancy is a content creator, comedian, actor, director, and video editor. He is among the prominent celebrity in the entertainment industry, with more 600, 000 followers on his Instagram page alone.

Zfancy will run a digital media campaign on his social media platform to promote Vintage Confluence until January 31. The aim is to reach a wider audience with issues in Bitcoin sales & promote easy transactions by joining the company. He stated that since the company is well organized and equipped with professionals, he is confident that he is safe when dealing with the company.

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