The Ethiopian Public Health Institute and sign a 3-year MoU to use AI & machine learning in Ethiopia.

January 17, 2022 is a global non-profit funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that uses the latest behavioral machine learning and personalization techniques to provide equitable healthcare. It aims to improve the health of individuals in resource-poor countries using advanced AI applications. The company signed a 3-year MoU with the Ethiopian Public Health Institute to use AI and machine learning to boost public health research outcomes in Ethiopia.

The MoU covers AI capacity building for EPHI researchers, using AI tools to generate research & evidence on selected public health nutrition issues, and reporting partnership results using AI to produce high-quality nutrition research in Ethiopia. will give a 1-week beginner AI and machine learning course for EPHI management of more than 50 researchers and frontline health workers in Ethiopia. One of the leading research areas will be dietary difficulties and malnutrition; therefore, along with, EPHI’s Food Science and Nutrition Research Directorate will lead the partnership.

This collaboration is the first time Ethiopia will use AI in research for public health nutrition at a national level. Dr. Masresha Tesema, Director of EPHI’s Food Science and Nutrition Research Directorate, said that Machine learning is key to excellent research. The collaboration will enable integrating AI and machine learning in nutrition research. Researchers will embrace and sustain machine-learning methodologies while delivering high-quality research output.

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