Ethio Telecom invites potential mobile backup solution providers to submit proposals before February 4, 2022.

January 18, 2022

Ethio telecom, with a strategic aspiration of being a preferred operator, has been working at its full-scale towards providing competitive value adding telecom solutions and satisfying customers’ expectations. To reach this goal, Ethio telecom wants to launch mobile backup solutions to customers to protect themselves against loss of personal and business-critical data.

Ethio Telecom invites potential mobile backup solution providers to submit their technical and commercial proposals before February 4, 2022. The telecom operator is looking for partners to work with on a revenue-sharing basis.

The potential partners are expected to provide end-to-end Mobile backup cloud storage solutions with technical support, integrate the solutions with Ethio telecom infrastructure, offer a three-year road map, and prepare a business plan and revenue projection. Partners are also recommended to share more service potential that can be monetized to introduce a free backup service.

The one-click total data recovery solution protects its customers from losing personal data. The solution will create a secure online service to allow customers to restore contacts, SMS, & media files.

The cloud storage service will be designed to be compatible with all types of mobile handsets and accessible via SMS, USSD, Web, and Application. The company’s goal is to increase customer experience and create loyalty and retention of customers ahead of the coming market competition.

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