Four young Rwandan innovators create Apewo App, a virtual exhibition platform for Rwandan-made products.

January 21, 2022

Four young Rwandan innovators create a virtual exhibition platform for Rwandan-made products called Apewo App. Several entrepreneurs have financial difficulties & therefore cannot rent commercial buildings. Using this platform, they can expose their products better than physical stores by exploiting a broader market to expand their businesses.

Locally made products created by young entrepreneurs, SMEs, and big companies can place their products in the application stock and receive payments from interested people daily. The app charges a small amount of commission fee from sellers.

The app contains products from more than 22 companies, including established companies and SMEs producing a range of products. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and already has thousands of users who navigate it daily.

The app developers hope to increase employment for their fellow citizens and increase demand for their products. With this app and others like it, the government of Rwanda estimated that e-commerce would grow to 97 million from 52 million in 2020.

This will also allow products made in Rwanda to be desirable by the African continent through virtual means. The Apewo App team hopes to make it into the Africa Continental Free Trade Area and receive partners to deliver and ship more products.

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