Meda Garage, 360Ground’s initiative, launches a competitive financing and technical program to support founders & developers.

January 26, 2022

Meda Garage, an initiative of 360Ground, an Ethiopian technology company in partnership with 1888EC, a startup builder, and Ethio Telecom, launches a competitive financing and technical program to support founders and developers to make their ideas a reality and expand.

1888EC is a new and innovative startup studio aiming to produce disruptive innovators and change-makers in Ethiopia. Meda Garage is an accelerated product development program that provides developers the technology, business, and marketing support they need to create and launch applications with a short time, less cost and attract masses of users.

Meda is a super-app with a multi-purpose commerce app with social media, mobile banking, and entertainment. It is a mobile application delivering different services that seem unrelated using one mobile interface. Meda Garage has games that enable users to connect and share files, airtime top-up, and chat features.

The initiative creates a joint effort from diverse developers & startups & provides access to benefits in one location. The Meda Garage program will add products or mini-apps of the chosen developers and startups to the Meda platform. Applications for the 1st cohort are open until February 2022 for entrepreneurs, content creators, and developers.

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