Uber launches a motorcycle transport service called UberMoto for residents in Ibadan, Nigeria.

January 27, 2022

UberMoto lets users request motorcycles (Okadas) using the Uber app & get to destinations in a safer, reliable, and convenient way than cars. It also has the same features as other Uber options with door-to-door safety features, including injury protection, 24/7 support, driver background checks, and screenings. UberMoto was launched as a low-cost alternative that provides a minimum fare starting at NGN100. It offers users a 78% lower-cost alternative.

To request a trip, riders can open the app, select UberMoto, choose a payment option, cash or card, and choose their destination. If there is any uncertainty regarding pick-up details, riders can contact the drivers using the app. Riders can also check if the UberMoto drivers have provided others with a good experience.

Uber aims to create innovative products & services to improve the riders’ and drivers’ experience on the app. Uber’s objective is to increase prospects and provide different opportunities with an extensive and cost-effective option for both the riders and drivers in the city while navigating traffic smoothly.

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