In Tunisia, the U.S. Ambassador and Minister of Economy & Planning review a 500 million USD grant agreement.

January 28, 2022

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is a 5-year program aiming to strengthen Tunisia’s transport, trade, & water sectors. The 500 million USD grant from the U.S. is meant for two priority sectors, shipping & logistics, and to enhance water resources development.

The MCC-Tunisia Compact is to help in the economic and social development fields. It consists of projects that are created to simplify and lessen the cost of trade with Tunisia by investing in the management, expansion, & digitization of the Port of Rades and improving the management & conservation of groundwater resources.

The U.S. administration is dedicated to supporting Tunisia in different areas, like renewable & clean energy and diversification of products & tourism resources. Donald Blome, Ambassador of the United States in Tunis, emphasized the U.S.’ desire to support the reform programs to allow the national economy to get a new momentum to enhance its competitiveness and enable the development of new opportunities for a diversified & sustainable development.

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