ECA & the Ethiopian Government along with Alibaba launch Ethiopian Coffee Brands on the e-commerce platform.

January 31, 2022

The Economic Commission for Africa, the Ethiopian Government, and Alibaba launch Ethiopian Coffee Brands on the e-commerce platform. The Alibaba platform exclusively features authentic Ethiopian coffee from three brands, Wild, Arada, and Hadero. The initiative aims for the electronic World Trade Platform (e-WTP) to bring more quality African products to China.

The primary objective is to use the available infrastructure and create an enabling environment to promote e-commerce and tourism for African entrepreneurs. It is hoped to allow more African countries to join in and benefit from inclusive global trade.

Featuring Ethiopian coffee is the first of many products to create and strengthen the China-Africa economic & trade cooperation and revitalize economic recovery. The trade initiative’s goal is to use an interoperable platform to improve the livelihoods of Ethiopian citizens and ensure that Africa can bring back the balance of trade.

During the launch on January 19, 2022, more than 11,200 bags of Ethiopian coffee were sold, demonstrating the benefit of harnessing digitalization for Ethiopia and the entire African continent. The joint efforts by ECA, the Ethiopian Government, Alibaba Group are hoped to bring more quality African products to one of the largest markets in the world.

The partnership will primarily benefit coffee farmers, SMEs, and students in Ethiopia. In addition, there will be a launch on a community project where for each bag of coffee sold, a special donation will be made to purchase school supplies for Ethiopian primary school students.

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