Telebirr collaborates with Ghana’s Zeepay for cross-border payments.

February 8, 2022

Telebirr is the only telecommunication and Internet service provider in Ethiopia. It is a digital platform allowing users access to multiple financial services like receiving international remittances, depositing & withdrawing cash, sending & receiving money, buying airtime & mobile data packages, and receiving payments from customers. Users can also use the platform without having a bank account, allowing closing the gap between the banked and unbanked.

Zeepay Ghana Limited is a Mobile Financial Services company that is the fastest-growing Fintech providing integrated mobile payments services with mobile wallets such as Wallets, Cards, ATMs, Bank accounts, and Digital Tokens to International Money. It targets the unbanked and banked population, aiming to bring the unbanked into the financial stream and simplify payments and collections for the banked population.

Telebirr collaborates with Ghana’s Zeepay, a Mobile Financial Services company, to facilitate cross-border payments. ZeePay is one of the first Fintechs accepted by the Ethiopian central bank. Zeepay will have access to over 150 million consumers and enable Africa to get additional digital and cross-border payments options with the new partnership. This will allow Ethiopians living abroad to send funds to support their families in Ethiopia.

The partnership aims to capacitate Ethiopian Diasporas to support their friends, family, and communities living in Ethiopia.

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