Ministry of Tourism prepares a regional tourist package to allow a combined visit to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti.

February 15, 2022

Ministry of Tourism prepares a regional tourist package to allow a combined visit to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Djibouti. Sileshi Girma, State Minister, stated that regional tour packages enabling tourists to visit more than one country at once are getting more and more popular. Tourism ministry members, tour operators, and Kenya & Djibouti media were invited to show Ethiopia’s tourist attractions to publicize the package offered in the East Africa region.

Kenya & Ethiopia tour operators sell pre-paid and pre-arranged trips to visit the two countries. The Ministry of Tourism focuses on new marking to make Ethiopia one of the top tourist destinations in Africa and Asia. The objective is to create a business-to-business connection with tour operators to enable more packages & to boost tourism. The ministry has started discussions with the relevant tourist bodies in Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania to utilize the regional market.

The ministry communicates with Djibouti and Kenya to design and promote regional tourist packages in the East Africa region. Once the packages have been finalized for the three countries, tourists could visit the Ethiopian mountains, Djibouti beachfront, and Masai Mara park combined as one destination. The countries will also implement joint promotions to publicize the one package destination.

The improved visa regime, like the launch of an online visa and visa on arrival, along with the airport expansion, will allow tourists to enjoy Ethiopia more. Ethiopia has received safe travel approval from the World Travel and Tourism Council, where only a few countries have achieved the status. This allows for increased tourists.

Ethiopia is Africa’s top country, with several heritage sites inscribed by UNESCO. Ethiopia aims to draw in more tourists from Africa and Asia to increase revenues. Sileshi Girma stated that Kenya is leading the tourist market in East Africa and mentioned that Ethiopia would be in Africa’s top five tourist destinations in five years with the packages and other improvements.

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